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The Waco Brothers

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Waco Brothers are "Going Down in History" (Mar 2016)
Twenty two years have passed since Jon Langford formed the Waco Brothers as a jalapeno-spiced country adjunct to his primary gig with his punk-infused Mekons. And while The Mekons have inserted some twang in their stomp and the Wacos have punked up their hoedown, Langford and his talented cast remain focused on each band's primary sonic direction. Since the Waco Brothers' 1995 debut, "To the Last Dead Cowboy" to the just released "Going Down in History," the relatively stable... more
The strange motives and skewed romance behind the Waco Brothers (Mar 1997)
They are an unlikely group of suspects, these six; three Englishmen, one Irish, one Minnesotan and one from Chicago, all living there now, the majority of whom have come to an understanding of what itmight mean to "play country" well into their musical lives. They insist that their collective work as the Waco Brothers began as a cover-band lark, as a way to pay for weekend nights out at the bar, and that they will continue to work in the tradition only so long as it remains their pleasure. ... more

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