Guy Clark

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Guy Clark straps on toolbox for "Workbench Songs" (Dec 2006)
The photograph on the cover of Guy Clark's new album, "Workbench Songs," shows Clark's weathered hand gripping the headstock of his acoustic guitar against the backdrop of his workaday denim shirt with pearl buttons at the cuff and pockets. It's a warm and simple image that perfectly captures the mood of the album's songs and the spirit in which they were created. "That just hit me one day because I was sitting where I am right now, looking at that workbench," says Clark from his Nashville home. "It just popped into my head. The first thing you do is, 'What song on here would be a good title,' but I thought this up."... more
Clark finds a set of keepers (Jun 1997)
This set of "Keepers" had been a long time a coming. After a recording career of 22 years, ace Texas singer-songwriter Guy Clark recently released his first live album, "Keepers." The concert was the culmination of three days of recording at the Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, where Clark lives, last fall. "I kind of like the idea of live recording," Clark says from his home. "I'd had all... more

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