Joe Diffie

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Joe Diffie is tougher than nails (Jun 2004)
Joe Diffie had good reason to postpone the originally scheduled interview. You see, his wife Theresa gave birth to their new baby daughter, Kylie Tarissa Diffie, on the date of the initial appointment. Needless to say, Diffie was in a grand mood when we eventually spoke, even though he was in the middle of slugging his way through a day's worth of back-to-back interviews, rather than bonding with his newborn daughter. But it was the birth of a completely different kind - the arrival of his bouncing new album called "Tougher Than Nails" - that prompted Diffie into playing interview-o-rama.... more
Joe Diffie gets back to roots (Jun 1999)
When Joe Diffie's debut album, "A Thousand Winding Roads," was released stone country fans rejoiced. Here was a singer with a voice the likes of which Nashville rarely seemed to turn up any more. He offered hope for those who'd lost hope in country music. Real country music. He was no regular Joe. His first single, "Home," became the first debut ever to reach number One on Billboard, Radio & Records and Gavin charts. But starting with 1993's "Honky Tonk Attitude," Diffie went for the funny... more
Diffie finds life isn't always so funny (Mar 1996)
He may be thought of as just a regular Joe, but that is not exactly the case this time around for Joe Diffie. In reality, his latest disc, "Life's So Funny," represents a departure from previous efforts. The man known for the comedic touch in song has eschewed that to some extent anyway for a more serious approach. And that suits the Oklahoma native just fine. "No risk," he said. "No reward." ... more

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