Blue Highway

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Blue Highway takes 15 years for "Some Day" (Feb 2010)
Blue Highway's banjo player Jason Burleson acknowledges that their 1995 debut album "It's A Long, Long Road" turned out to be prophetic. It has been quite a journey for the Tennessee-based band that has become one of the "gold standards" of bluegrass, with 8 more "signpost" albums along the way, the latest being their newly-released 15th Anniversary collection on Rounder, "Some Day." "It's really," says Burleson, "just a big ‘thank you' to the fans from us... it's rare that a band can make a living at this at all, much less for 15 years and have the fans stick with them and support them."... more
Blue Highway chugs along (Feb 2008)
With the release of their eighth album, "Through The Window Of A Train," Blue Highway's Tim Stafford reflects back to their 1995 Rebel debut and says it's been a long but rewarding journey for the Tennessee-based bluegrass quintet. "We feel like (the new disc is) one of our best records...The group's matured, we're 14 years older than we were when we did 'It's A Long, Long Road', and our themes are a little more mature now than they were back then...our songs have grown up a little bit with us, as we have."... more
Blue Highway: the band remains the same (Jun 2005)
For Rob Ickes (rhymes with "mikes"), just past his 38th birthday, the band's decade together has been personally and musically rewarding beyond what he ever expected. "What I think is really special about the band - well, a couple of things, but the songwriting, to me, is just a really strong point because I like being in a bluegrass band that's really creative." "I wouldn't want to be in a band that plays covers all the time. I love when these guys play a new song - and I mean, these guys... more
Blue Highway rides a wondrous sound (Jul 2003)
Add Blue Highway to the growing number of bluegrass artists to take the plunge and record an all-gospel themed bluegrass album. With "Wondrous Love," Blue Highway's sixth album since forming in 1994, the well-hewn band offers 13 old and new songs attesting to the Christian backgrounds of its five band members. "We've done gospel material in our shows from the very beginning, which is a long tradition in bluegrass," says Tim Stafford, Blue Highway's versatile singer-guitarist, by phone from... more
New label + new member + new disc = more success for Blue Highway (Jul 1999)
From the moment Tom Adams' sparkling banjo picking kicks off the first song on Blue Highway's new CD, it's clear that something is different for the bluegrass band. "We're real proud of this record," says guitarist Tim Stafford. "I think it's our best one by far. It's the first one with Tom Adams." The addition of the top-notch banjo player, who logged considerable time with the Johnson Mountain Boys in the 1980's and the Lynn Morris Band earlier this decade, is only one of several changes for Blue Highway.... more

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