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Johnny Bush

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Johnny Bush opts for "honkytonic" (Dec 2004)
Johnny Bush, the "Country Caruso," who turns 70 in February, says that the biggest difference between old time country music and modern country pop is the material. Bush is one of those people who know that good art of any kind comes, at some level, from the heart and soul of the artist, not from the results of marketing surveys. Bush, who released his latest, "Honkytonic," in September on the independent BGM Texas label, expresses himself in no uncertain terms about that theory, and, in his fifth decade of musical tributes and tribulations, expresses it with the kind of experience that wins respect from independent artists.... more
Johnny Bush travels the "Lost Highway" (Oct 2000)
Texas, perhaps more than any other state, has long championed the honky tonk singer. From Ernest Tubb to Dale Watson, the state has long been fertile territory for songs about cheating, drinking, smoking and other pleasures of the flesh. Although the genre - in its raw, undiluted form - is heard on today's country charts about as often as a trombone at a square dance, new singers such as Roger Wallace and Justin Trevino keep emerging. And the old ones - like Johnny Bush - continue with careers that started decades earlier.... more

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