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Kasey Chambers

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Kasey Chambers becomes a wayward angel (Oct 2004)
Life has changed a lot for Australian singer Kasey Chambers since she was last heard from on "Barricades & Brickwalls" two years ago. For starters, her then pregnancy turned into motherhood with the birth of her son, Talon. And that meant she never undertook a full-fledged, extensive tour to spread her name and music on this side of the Pacific, though Chambers' popularity in her homeland steadily increased. Which leads to her latest, "Wayward Angel," an album continuing in a country and... more
Will surprises continue for Kasey Chambers? (Jan 2002)
Don't blame Kasey Chambers if she suffers from a cultural identity crisis. The Australian released a few solo albums there after being in her family band, The Dead Ringer Band. And in the U.S., she is just releasing her second disc, "Barricades & Brickwalls," after a highly praised debut and great success opening for Lucinda Williams on her tour last summer. "I think people in America thought we were bigger than we were." says Chambers in a phone interview while vacationing in western... more
Is Kasey Chambers a dead ringer for success? (Oct 2000)
Kasey Chambers has been suffering from homesickness. "I've been away too much lately," she says with a sigh. The 23-year-old Australian singer-songwriter is being beckoned to American and British shores, where her debut, "The Captain" has just been released by Asylum and Virgin Records respectively. She recently returned from the Gavin Summit in Boulder, Col. and a handful of showcase gigs in Los Angeles, and is preparing for a final Australia-wide tour for "The Captain," a homeland smash since its Aussie release in May 1999.... more

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