Kathleen Edwards

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Kathleen Edwards smells the flowers (Feb 2008)
When Kathleen Edwards performed around Ontario, Canada in 2001 and 2002, her club shows were sparsely attended. Then "Failer" came out, and all of that changed, the labels were calling for her, Letterman was praising her work, and the support slots grew to the likes of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson a few years later. But after 2005's "Back To Me" and the subsequent touring, the singer-songwriter was worn out. Taking time off from the road, Edwards even had a stint working at a winery. Not that she needed the work to make ends meet, but getting away for a bit recharged her batteries.... more
After "Failer" for Kathleen Edwards, it's "Back to Me" (May 2005)
The last three years have been a blur for Kathleen Edwards. Music critics hailed the singer-songwriter's major-label debut, "Failer," (2002) for its honesty and succinct songwriting. Rolling Stone named the 26-year-old as one of the 10 artists to watch in 2003, and the New York Times praised Edwards as a writer whose songs can "pare situations down to a few dozen words while they push country-rock towards its primal impulses of thump and twang."With "Back to Me," released in March on Rounder, the talented troubadour attempts to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.... more
Kathleen Edwards seeks success with "Failer" (Jan 2003)
Kathleen Edwards is from rural Canada, and while not a lot of the seminal traditional country artists have come from north of the United States border, she is quick to dispel any notions that her countrymen don't have deep roots in the genre. Edwards, releasing her U.S. debut, "Failer," Jan. 14 on Rounder, grew up listening to country music. "My dad had records of Hank Snow, Buck Owens and Hank Williams," says Edwards, calling from a payphone in Canada. "Canadians enjoy country music because this country has so much rural area. They identify with the music."Edwards, 24, lives in a rural area near Quebec.... more

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