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Junior Sisk rambles again, by choice (Jun 2008)
It's not that Junior Sisk fell off the bluegrass map; it just seems that way. After helping to lead traditional bluegrass units like Wyatt Rice and Santa Cruz, the original edition of Ramblers Choice, Lost & Found and BlueRidge for the better part of the late 1990s and into the new millennium, Sisk seemingly disappeared after BlueRidge disbanded in late 2006 just as the band was reaching the heights of bluegrass stature. BlueRidge had released three widely acclaimed albums and... more
New band rambles on (Dec 1998)
Ever since Junior Sisk got over the fact that the large object covered up in the back of his dad's pickup truck wasn't a motorcycle, he's been hooked on bluegrass. The thing in the truck was an upright bass, a gift for his 14th birthday. "Going all the way back, my cousin, Larry Massey, along with my dad are responsible for teaching me to love this music like I do," says Sisk. Now a superb bluegrass guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Sisk leads Rambler's Choice, which released "Sounds of the Mountains," their Rounder debut, in October. The music moves between uptempo driving bluegrass and country-inspired songs.... more

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