Rodney Hayden

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Rodney Hayden lives the good life (Nov 2003)
Today's country music radio isn't so country these days. Since the ascendance of the Shania Twains and Faith Hills, steel guitar solos have mostly fallen victim to the ear-splitting ravages of loud heavy metal-like guitars. Vocal distinction has mostly given way to strivings for mediocrity. And the songs are almost always co-written by folks more familiar with The Eagles, Kiss and Joni Mitchell than Merle Haggard, Harlan Howard and Tom T. Hall. So what's available for a hard-core country singer and songwriter of strength like Texan Rodney Hayden?... more
Rodney Hayden is the "Real Thing" (Mar 2002)
Rejection came hard for Rodney Hayden. The Texan, then in his late teens, took the trip from his home south of San Antonio to Nashville for what he thought would be his meal ticket to Music City USA. But Hayden soon learned that his brand of country music was considered too country. The possible major label deal was dead in the water. He made it back to Texas with his head hanging low for awhile. And when Hayden tried getting other labels interested in his recordings, there were no takers.... more