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Say Zuzu

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Say Zuzu proves a hit in Italy (Dec 1997)
By Cliff MurphySay Zuzu is a New Hampshire based band playing rootsy, alt. country music. While not exactly a household name in its own country, the group developed a following in the country hotbed of Europe, Italy Guitarist Cliff Murphy wrote about the '97 Say Zuzu Italian tour in November. We've got no record label, but have sold several thousand CDs in the US since 1993, playing mostly in New England, though we tour as far south as Alabama. Until recently, I'd never been much of anywhere outside of the U.S. Montreal, Toronto, and a small Mexican bordertown (when I was 12) made up my list of foriegn places.... more
Say Zuzu gets a little help from Willie's folks (Jun 1997)
The Portsmouth, N.H. area has long been home to a vibrant music scene. Flanked by other small cities such as Durham, home to the University of New Hampshire, musicians in the New Hampshire seacoast area form bands with astonishing regularity. Though folk artists and punk rock bands seem to be particularly prolific in the area, the seacoast has also produced a growing number of bluegrass and country-influenced acts. One of the longest-running acts has been Durham's Say Zuzu, in existence since 1988. The band released its fifth album, "Take These Turns," this winter.... more