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Slaid Cleaves

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Slaid Cleaves career is anything but broke down (Mar 2004)
Music fans probably remember Slaid Cleaves for his recent countrified lament, "Broke Down." His career is anything but. Cleaves, who will turn 40 in June, is gearing up for a tour behind his latest album, "Wishbones" (Rounder), a crisp-sounding collection of songs that the singer-songwriter says came together through storytelling. Most of the songs "are stories," he says, "things I have read about or heard about secondhand or firsthand. Some are just made up."... more
Slaid Cleaves tries igniting career with "Broke Down" (Jan 2000)
Rootsy singer Slaid Cleaves did time in high school in garage bands and got a bit more serious about music in college. By the time Cleaves hit his 20's, he knew where his future lay. Ten years later, he has just released his second album on Philo Records, "Broke Down." Though he has been in Austin for most of the past decade, Cleaves grew up in Portland, Maine listening to his father's recordings of the likes of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and the Everly Brothers.... more

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