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Stacy Dean Campbell

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No rehash for Stacy Dean Campbell (May 1999)
After going the major label route with critical, but not commercial success from two twangy, honky tonk albums on Sony, Stacy Dean Campbell pulled back. The major label thing wasn't working. And that was not the only change for Campbell. For starters, his new album, "Ashes of Old Love," marks his debut on Paladin Records. Secondly, the disc is a far more laid back, spare, often acoustically-based affair, though still country. And the stories - often about freedom - are ever present. A look at Campbell's co-songwriters - Chris Knight, Kevin Welch and Dean Miller - gives a strong indication of where the album is at musically.... more
Campbell hopes to be second time lucky (Sep 1995)
It's been a long ride from the open spaces of New Mexico to the streets of Nashville for honky tonker Stacy Dean Campbell. A veteran of the music business, Campbell, a perfectionist with a style described asschizophrenic" in the best sense of the word, is celebrating the long awaited release of his second album, "Hurt City." His first outstanding effort, "Lonesome Wins Again" released in 1992, established him as a significant talent even though it did not the win the chart topping numbers.... more