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Steve Earle

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  • Guitar Town (MCA Nashville/UMe, 2016)

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Steve Earle leaves comfort zone (Oct 2007)
Steve Earle keeps moving. If it's not physically, it's musically. After 33 years living in Nashville, the outspoken, sometimes controversial singer/songwriter with the Texas twang in his voice split Nashville for the Big Apple two years ago. "Sunset in my mirror pedal on the floor/Bound for New York City and I won't be back no more/...boys won't see me around/Goodbye Guitar Town," sings Earle on "Tennessee Blues," the lead-off song of his new disc, "Washington Square Serenade," which hit streets in late September on New West Records.... more
The revolution starts with Steve Earle (Sep 2004)
Getting your head around Steve Earle can be likened to that old story about the blind men and the elephant: Who he is at any given moment depends entirely upon your particular perspective. Sure, he's best known for consistently creating groundbreaking country rock music, but Earle also has wrote a book of short stories, crafted a play, is hosting his own radio show and just started work on a novel. His new album (remember, music is still something he leaves time for) is titled "The... more
Steve Earle: the music chameleon goes bluegrass (Jan 1999)
First Steve Earle dished out country with some edge to it. Then, he veered more towards rock. And then a folkie/Dylanesque side with musically spare sounding recordings. The music chameleon justifies that title yet again on his new CD, "The Mountain," as he delves firmly into bluegrass in an album recorded with The Del McCoury Band, one of the best in the business today. "I've always been a fan," says Earle in an interview from his E-Squared Record offices. "My whole first record is based... more
Earle shows his heart (Oct 1997)
A funny thing happened to musical survivor Steve Earle in recording "El Corazon." But Earle ain't complaining either. His last two critically praised albums - "Train A Comin'" and "I Feel Alright" - were generally acoustically based. So, Earle thought he would make a few sonic changes going into the new disc, English for "The Heart." "I thought before I started it that I was going to make just like a more electric, guitar rock record, which was probably a direct result of several shows with Neil Young on the last tour," Earle says in an interview from his record company in Nashville. "It didn't turn out that way."... more

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