Thad Cockrell

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Caitlin Cary, Thad Cockrell plant begonias (Jul 2005)
One of the sweetest and most genuine-sounding country CDs of the year is "Begonias" by a couple of unlikely, in their own eyes, folks who both thought they'd be doing something else. Caitlin Cary went to North Carolina State to get a graduate degree in literature and ended up singing and playing fiddle in the influential alt.-country band Whiskeytown. Thad Cockrell went to Wake Forest to study religion at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and ended up sitting on Cary's front porch writing songs on Sunday afternoons until they both found time to go into the studio for a few days and record an album together.... more
Thad Cockrell puts warmth and beauty in his music (Nov 2003)
Sure Thad Cockerell's music has that certain twang to it, but he hopes you'll take a closer listen to "Warmth & Beauty," his second and latest album. "I think they are think they are really good songs, and there's no reason to hide behind a bunch of pedal steel all over the place," he says. "This alt.-country, whatever that is, 98 percent of songs in that genre are just completely ridiculous. The only reason why people would consider them is that they are really country music fans because it sounds so country. But you can't have a great country record if you don't have great country songs."... more

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