The Raging Teens

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Articles and Interviews

The Raging Teens throw a "Rock'n'Roll Party" (Mar 2001)
Fans who believe rockabilly music is strictly a Southern phenomenon haven't heard The Raging Teens. Formed in 1997, the New England-based band forge a raw, high-spirited sound incorporating classic New England rock'n'roll with the shuddering, seductive feel of the Sun Records era. The constantly touring, hard-charging quartet - vocalist/rhythm guitarist Kevin Patey, bass slappin' Matt Murphy, drummer Keith Schubert and lead guitarist Amy Griffin - released their second album on New York's Rubric Records in February.... more
Raging Teens: not filled with rage, not teens, but they sure do play rockabilly (Jun 1999)
The Raging Teens aren't exactly teens any more, but they do have a certain amount of musical rage in blasting out their lively brand of rockabilly. Steeped in the Sun Studios sound of the '50's, Chuck Berry guitar riffs and country, the New England-based quartet has helped lead the charge in increasing the popularity of the decades-old musical style. And after two years together, the band - lead singer Kevin Patey, bassist Matt Murphy, drummer Keith Schubert and rarity of rarities, a female lead guitarist, Amy Griffin - recently released a self-titled CD.... more