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Thompson Brothers Band

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Thompson Brothers offer disc of a different beast (Jan 1998)
First, the Thompson Brothers put out their debut EP, "Cows on Main Street." And in late January, "Blame It On the Dog" becomes the trio's first full-length CD. Why the fascination with animals, demonstrated by the two album titles? ³People are reading into it too much and thinking that we have a little bit too much fondness for farm animals,² lead singer Andy Thompson says with a laugh, ³but I donıt think thatıs right." "We named the first one 'Cows on Main Streetı because weıre from... more
Thompson Brothers overcome handicap (Sep 1996)
Andy Thompson, lead guitarist and vocalist with the Thompson Brothers Band, laughs when asked where they got the name "Cows on Main Street" for their first CD. "People ask us where we're from," he says, "and when we tell them we're from Massachusetts, they think it's all big cities up there. But Norwell, where we're from, (halfway between Boston and Plymouth) is a pretty small town; there's only about a hundred kids in every graduating class. We really did have cows on Main Street. It used to make us late for school sometimes. "... more