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Wylie and the Wild West

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Wylie enters paradise (Nov 2001)
There are cowboys, and there are cowboys and seldom the twain shall meet. Wylie Gustafson, performer of Western music and puncher of cows, will tell you that. "It's usually a pretty big space between the two," the Dusty, Washington (pop. roughly 11) resident says of the real-deal buckaroo versus the white-hatted, be-spurred Hollywood variety. "The closest they've been to a cow is a carton of milk," he adds, in reference to pretty-boy cowboys. What about an honest-to-goodness cowboy wearing nerd-chic glasses, who also slaps on a hat and bolo tie to yodel for an audience?... more
Wylie continues bucking system (Nov 1997)
Talk about bucking the system. Wylie Gustafson has almost nothing going for him that makes performers successful in country music today. He is originally from Montana. He wears glasses. His most unique musical attribute is a yen to keep the art of yodeling alive. But his band, Wylie & The Wild West Show are undaunted. The group's new disc, "Way Out West," is rapidly scaling Gavin's Americana chart and for good reason. On the disc is a nearly irresistible mix of Western swing, honky tonk and the Bakersfield sound that Buck Owens made his trademark and has carried Dwight Yoakam to superstardom.... more

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