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"Worries On My Mind": more than just an album title for Karl Shiflett (Nov 2003)
"There's lots of ups and downs in the music business, and about the time you get a good sound going, your personnel changes." So says bandleader and sole proprietor ("I've got a D.B.A license - doing business as") Karl Shiflett of Big Country Show. Right on the heels of his third and best CD for Rebel Records, "Worries On My Mind," the nucleus of his crackerjack acoustic country band - including banjo-picking chief songwriter Jake Jenkins - have departed.... more
Karl Shiflett: the Texas, yes Texas, bluegrass boy makes good (Jan 2001)
As the proverbial crow flies, the town of Groesbeck, in Limestone County, lies in the central Texas plains just about 40 miles due east of Waco. It's the kind of country that hard-nosed dirt farmers have scratched out an honest living on for more than 150 years, but it doesn't necessarily evoke the sort of images that many people associate with bluegrass music. Groesbeck is, after all, just about as deep into the heart of Texas as it gets, and a long, long way from the hills of Kentucky.... more

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