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Ralph Stanley II

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Ralph Stanley II carries on (Jul 2004)
Vocally, Ralph Stanley II may not sound much like his legendary father. Whereas the elder Stanley is revered for his spine-tingling lonesome bluegrass howl, Two - as he's known to his family and friends - has a plaintive husky baritone more akin to country icons such as George Jones and Merle Haggard. Still, there's something about the younger Stanley that makes it clear that he's very much attuned to his rich family heritage. Stanley makes specific reference to the pressure of living up to his famous name in the title track to his latest solo album, "Carrying On," which came out in late June on Rebel.... more
It's a tradition with Ralph Stanley II (Feb 2002)
The month of February was a coming-out party of sorts for Ralph Stanley II. Besides the release of his third album, "Stanley Blues" on Rebel, Stanley, who's been picking and singing for nearly a decade as a member of his father's legendary bluegrass band the Clinch Mountain Boys, is finally getting a taste of what it's like to be the front man. Apparently, he's savoring every moment. His father, bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley Sr., is on hiatus most of the month to perform in the already... more
Ralph Stanley II follows in big footsteps (Jun 2000)
Ralph Stanley II ("Two" to his family and bandmates) is far from the first young man in show business to be saddled with the expectation of following in the footsteps of a famous father - and Stanley is about as famous a bluegrass name as there is. But he remembers that it was his mother who first suspected that he was destined to take a place alongside his legendary father after watching him sit, at the age of two, on a window ledge in the kitchen holding a broom like a guitar, strumming it and humming softly to himself. ... more

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