The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers

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Mark Olson rises with the Creekdippers (Dec 2000)
Mark Olson has never done things the easy way or the established way. His membership in The Jayhawks lasted a decade, until it looked like the band might just fulfill the critics' promises and live up to its potential. As soon as the brass ring was within reach, Olson, tired of life on the road, climbed off the carousel in 1995 and retreated to his Joshua Tree, Cal. home/studio. When Olson re-emerged in 1996, the band that came out with him bore little resemblance to the reconfigured... more
Former Jayhawks member flies high going solo (and light) (May 1998)
Some people like rich chocolate cake, replete with several layers and thick, sugary frosting. Mark Olson just wants the basic ingredients, thank you, and he's staying light on the extras. How else to explain why the singer/songwriter left The Jayhawks for a life of making, producing, and selling his own albums? His first complete work, the rustically sweet "Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers," has steadily built an audience, despite being self-released.... more