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Raul Malo

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Raul Malo finds the "Lucky One" (Mar 2009)
After beginning his musical ascension as lead singer with the eclectic country band The Mavericks during the 1990s, Raul Malo has continued to shed the shackles of limitations heaped upon him by the Nashville machine and corporate labels. He has never cared being forced into a particular genre. That is why now free of all conceived expectations, Malo came out swinging once again with his first original solo material in seven years. ... more
Raul Malo gets lucky (Sep 2006)
Raul Malo's "You're Only Lonely" could have been titled "The Disc That Almost Never Was" because for a while there it didn't look like this one was going to see the light of day. Worse still, Malo's record label was teetering on the brink of extinction. "The record was finished about a year ago," Malo explains. "We finished it last summer. It was supposed to come out in October of last year or somewhere thereabouts. And I think Sanctuary (Records) started to run into some financial problems.... more

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