Trent Summar

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Summar tosses horseshoes, hand grenades (Nov 2006)
Somewhere along the dusty trails of musical history, the name Nashville took on a greater cause. No longer was it simply the name of a city nestled on the banks of the Cumberland River in central Tennessee. It became the focal point for country music, and the name was soon encompassing both a movement and culture and not just a location. Like countless musicians before him, Trent Summar's obsession with Nashville is the inspiration behind his music. But his is with Nashville the place that is, not Nashville the musical enigma.... more
Years later, the (rocking country) beat goes on for Trent Summar (Jul 2000)
Armed full of razor-edged influences such as Steve Earle and the Kentucky HeadHunters, Nashville's Trent Summar & The New Row Mob aims to shake things up a bit in Guitar Town. Summar's self-titled debut, released on former Alabama producer Harold Shedd's label, VFR Records, comes at a time when many feel that Nashville needs some new blood. "It's a hallmark record for me," says Summar, once lead singer of the late Hank Flamingo, which had one album on Giant in 1993. "We're really proud of this record. We're pretty serious about it. I had the opportunity to make it with my friends. It sure cranks my tractor."... more

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