Shooter Jennings

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  • The Best of Shooter Jennings & the .357s (Universal South, 2009)

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Shooter Jennings rides the "electric rodeo" (May 2006)
A funny thing happened on the way to Shooter Jennings releasing his sophomore disc, "Electric Rodeo." In an unusual move, he actually started recording it before his well-received debut, "Put the O Back in Country," was even released in March 2005. So when it comes to pressure, Jennings did not have to worry about whether he would make a better album than his debut. But he knew it would not be a clone. "I don't really feel any pressure because we're kind of crazy anyway the way we make our... more
Shooter Jennings tells it staight (Mar 2005)
Shooter Jennings is one rugged individual, much like his dad was. (That "dad," by the way, was none other than the iconic Waylon Jennings). Shooter's debut CD, "Put The 'O' Back In Country," has just been released on Universal South. And while Jennings doesn't have that distinctively low singing voice his dad had (at least not yet), his scratchy vocalizing certainly carries with it a familiar familial outlaw spirit. Jennings is the only child Jessi Colter and Waylon had together. And since he's the offspring of two certified musical rebels, one just expects his music to be equally confrontational.... more

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