Billy Joe Shaver

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Billy Joe Shaver is the real deal (Oct 2005)
When reached by phone, Billy Joe Shaver was at a church someplace near his Waco, Texas home. And church is not an uncommon place to find Mr. Shaver these days because he's an outspokenly spiritual man. In fact, the singer/songwriter's new "The Real Deal" CD (his first release in three years) contains a few overt nods to his Christian faith, namely the tracks "Jesus Christ Is Still the King" and "Live Forever." "You know what. That stuff leaks in there in about every song I've got," says... more
Billy Joe Shaver rises once again (Dec 2002)
To say that Billy Joe Shaver could be the poster boy for the school of hard knocks is an understatement. To say that the Texan also is a man determined to rise up and overcome life's difficulties thrown his way literally since birth also would be entirely true. The latest ample evidence is his brand new "Freedom's Child" disc - his first outright solo album since "Salt of the Earth" in 1987 - on the new Compadre Records label of Houston. "We worked hard on it," says Shaver, 62, in a... more
Shaver learns if there's Justice after Zoo (Sep 1996)
In 1978, Kris Kristofferson sang: "We measured the space between Waylon and Willie/And Waylon and Willie and me/But there wasn't nothing like Billy Joe Shaver/What Billy Joe Shaver should be." Kristofferson was making a statement about the "outlaw" country movement and all the folks suddenly trying to include themselves in that movement. There's but one true outlaw, Kristofferson seemed to say in "The Fighter," and his name is Billy Joe Shaver.... more

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