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3 of Hearts

3 Of Hearts – 2001 (RCA)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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The most likely inspiration, if you even can call it that, for the music of 3 Of Hearts comes from automobile innovator Henry Ford. In 1913, Ford introduced the continuous moving assembly line, which combined precision manufacturing and standardized and interchangeable parts to turn automobile creation into a seemingly seamless process. Likewise, RCA has modeled 3 Of Hearts after other popular country trios (Dixie Chicks, SHeDAISY) and equipped these three anonymous singers with impersonal, yet functional, songs. The subject matter of these tunes is aimed like rivets at America's Oprah-watching female audience. Determination is all it really takes to make true love work ("Love Is Enough"), and you'll know it's the real thing when you see it ("Baby, That's The Way").

But when you finally happen upon "it," romance is nothing more than a vague fairytale filled with "Sugar And Daisies." The sound is all girlishly giddy vocals and pop-ish country backing. There's nary a hint of bite or attitude, though. Buyer beware: This 3 Of Hearts vehicle shows every indication of being little more than a badly disguised used car.