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Bellamy Brothers

The Reason for the Season – 2002 (Curb)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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This album is largely just a re-release of the Bellamy Brothers' 1996 album, "Tropical Christmas," which contained 11 of this album's 14 songs. Out of the three new songs, the title track is a trite, uninspiring song ("the reason for the season is love"). "God Bless America This Christmas" manages to rhyme "Afghanistan" with "foreign lands" and adds a dash of patriotism to your Christmas egg nog. The final addition to the old album is the "reggae holiday mix" of "Let Your Love Flow," although it's a mystery what makes it a holiday mix or a reggae mix. The Bellamys fair better with the older songs. "Old Hippie Christmas," for example, is quite funny - "Mama smokes a turkey while Daddy smokes the farm," and "Jesus must have been a hippie; peace and love to everyone." All in all, this album is uneven - never offensive to the ears, but only sometimes interesting