Jason Ringenberg

All Over Creation – 2002 (Yep Roc)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

Most times life experiences are powerful creative forces within artists of all types and certainly Jason Ringenberg of Jason & The Scorchers is no exception. His previous disc, "Pocketful Of Soul," was a folk-based release, and he went out on the road to support it like many folk artists do - with just a guitar in hand.

But he found himself lonely for musical companionship and has responded with a collection of collaborations with a variety of artists to create a product as varied as the people from which he received help. The names aren't eye-popping icons of the business, but, rather, artists who share Ringenberg's vision that the music should say something, in lyrics, sound or both about who you are personally. In truth Ringenberg seems to have more kinship with two of his helpers, Steve Earle and Todd Snider, then the rest of his compadres. He and Earle rework a song, "Bible And A Gun," that they had previously written for one of the Scorchers' albums. He and Snider just have a lot of fun crusing in "James Dean's Car." Ringenberg is also joined by Lambchop, Paul Burch and the always entertaining BR549, the latter on the Loretta Lynn remake "Don't Come Home A Drinkin."

Ringenberg is one of the true survivors outside of the country mainstream. His quest isn't to be immensely popular but rather to create immensely entertaining music. "All Over Creation" fits that plan perfectly.