Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan

Yonder – 1996 (Sugar Hill)

Reviewed by Mark "Brink" Brinkman

CDs by Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan

We live in world where most recordings are overdubbed, digitally edited, and every note is scrutinized over and over again. Emmylou Harris once stated, "the living room has gone out of the music." Peter Rowan and Jerry Douglas have successfully put the "living room" back in. Both are incredible musicians in their own right, but blend seamlessly in a tribute to the roots of traditional folk, blues and bluegrass music. Their love of this music comes through loud and clear. The opening "Wayside Tavern," sets the tone for the rest. Rowan's high lonesome voice is crystal clear, soulful and powerful. Douglas is no doubt the "state of the art" resophonic guitar player. His redition of "When You and I Were Young Maggie" is one of the most beautiful pieces of work heard in a long time. If you love the sounds and musicianship of early acoustic pickers and singers, this album should definitely be in your collection.