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John Michael Montgomery

Twistin' in the Wind – 1998 (MCA)

Reviewed by Ken Churilla

CDs by John Michael Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery is a pretty consistent artist. The kind who's already found his niche - New Country - and rarely strays from it. JMM stays the course here serving up a good mix of fun, uptempo songs with some ballads to even things out.

True to form, it's the ballads that make this album. Though all four are good efforts, two stand out. "I Never Stopped Lovin' You" is a simple structure, but that's what makes the song so powerful. It's mainly Montgomery, six guitar strings and one cryin' fiddle. But, that's all she needs. The highlight comes on "Little Cowboys Cry." This song has the potential to be to JMM what "The Dance" is to Garth. The lyrics tell the tale, but it's Montgomery's stellar delivery that rips your heart right out. As the infectious single "Love Working On You" proved, JMM can kick it up too. "You're The Ticket" and "Cover You In Kisses" are few that are made for car stereos and the open road.

This is pretty much the kind of album expected from Montgomery. Great song selection and always phenomenal lyrics.