Kathy Kallick

My Mother's Voice – 2001 (Copper Creek)

Reviewed by George Hauenstein

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Bluegrass fans know Kathy Kallick from her years with the West Coast band, The Good Ol' Persons and more recently, the Kathy Kallick Band. Her new album is a collection of mostly traditional tunes learned from her mother, Chicago-area folksinger Dodi Kallick. Rather than another band project, this is more of a 'Kathy Kallick and Friends' collaboration. The friends include Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis, Claire Lynch, Lynn Morris, Norton Buffalo, Suzanne Thomas, Darol Anger, Jody Stecher, Kate Brislin and Sally Van Meter.

The album is a delight from start to finish. Highlights include "Cotton Eyed Joe" with James Leva and Carol Elizabeth Jones, "Wreck Of The Ol' 97," with Laurie Lewis, "I Never Will Marry" with Claire Lynch and "Banks of the Ohio" with Peter Rowan. Her current band, the Kathy Kallick Band, join her for the gospel classic, "I'll Fly Away" and "Waterbound," a song she recorded with the Good Ol' Persons in the 1980s. Kallick shines on "The Tailor & the Mouse," done a cappella.

The vocal harmonies are stellar and the instrumentation is simple. Though the songs are, for the most part, very familiar, the treatment given them by Kallick and company is fresh and very pleasing.