Keith Harling

Bring It On – 1999 (Giant)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Keith Harling sounds a bit like Randy Travis, Trace Adkins and Toby Keith. And that is part of the problem on his soph effort - once again, he never quite forges his own musical identity. To his credit, he keeps it country just as he did on his debut, but the identity issue persists.

A number of good songs - sung decently - are here with the best being "Heartaches and Honky Tonks," the most country song among the 11. The title track "Honey Do," and the closing, playful "Santa's Got a Semi," a trucking song rave-up, also sound measure up.

But only to a point. The problem, two albums running, is that any number of artists could have turned in as good an effort and perhaps even more distinctive. Harling owns a decent enough voice, but that just isn't enough. He needs to put more emotion into it, which could set him apart.