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Laura Minor

Salesman's Girl – 2002 (HighTone)

Reviewed by Brian Baker

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The amazing aspect of Laura Minor's debut is not its depth in handily covering every waterfront between rock and blues and country and soul, but in the short span of time that Minor has brewed it all up. Last spring, Minor was a writer with literary aspirations which were derailed when she met guitarist Jared Flamm and began collaborating with him by converting her voluminous poetry output into bona fide songs.

From the pure rock foundations of "American Girls" and "Loneliness" to the heartbreaking electric country of the title cut to the bluesy Sheryl Crow Americana of "Sink Back," Minor shows that she inherently understands how to inhabit a song rather than just simply singing it. Flamm's crack band had been playing Florida/points north circuit for a decade, and the bond is more than apparent; that Minor was able to seamlessly blend into that chemistry is just another miracle of the disc.