Mila Mason

That's Enough of That – 1996 (Atlantic)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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Mila Mason is a Kentucky girl with a pleasant voice singing pleasant songs over pleasant new country tracks. Unfortunately, that won't be enough to win her much of a place on country radio.

The first single, "That's Enough of That," doesn't offer much for the singer to sink her teeth into, and for her part, Mason doesn't add anything to it. On slow songs, particularly "Tonight I Know I Will," a melancholy tune about a woman who won't give up on an old flame, Mason's husky, Tanya Tucker-like voice is often drowned out by the instrumentals. In fact, the listener has to wait until the album's last song for a real highlight. "Dark Horse" is perhaps the least country song on the album, but Mason's smoky voice works perfectly on the opening lyric, "Indian summer Abilene /You were new in town, I was nineteen," and the pretty ensuing story of young love that lasted.

If it weren't for the absolutely horrible "Hot to Molly," hearing that song would almost make up for the rest of the album.