Blaze Foley

Live At The Austin Outhouse – 1999 (Lost Art)

Reviewed by Brian Steinberg

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Little remained of Blaze Foley except for reminiscences in song by Lucinda Williams and Townes Van Zandt - until now. The enigmatic singer-songwriter, whose recorded output may well be contained on this one disc - set forth in front of a small crowd of people and just played an intimate set in 1988. One month later, he was shot dead while defending a friend's check.

While mourned chiefly by a small band of like-minded songwriters, Foley can now be heard by a larger crowd. Hushed tones and a smoky voice dominate tightly-written sketches like "Our Little Town"and "If Only I Could Fly,"while Foley's voice and guitar dominate throughout. Ace Austinites like Sarah Elizabeth Campbell and Champ Hood are on hand to contribute harmony and fiddle, but this is really Foley's show. (Blaze Foley)