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Blue Country

Blue Country – 2004 (Curb)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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The duo Blue County had Dann Huff co-produce their debut, and as usual that means a lot of roaring, catchy guitar licks, which are clearly in the country pop vein when they don't rock ("What's Not to Love").

Aaron Benward and Scott Reeves, (they are never actually even identified other than by first name on the album), sing very fine duets together. Their voices meld quite well throughout. The softer, perhaps most musically sophisticated song of the dozen here, "Sounds Like Home," with country instrumentation, is a standout. The ballad "Hollywood, California" also works well with a lot of pedal steel underneath. Yet, there is a lack of distinction. Benward and Reeves sound quite a bit like Jon Bon Jovi, only with a dose of country instrumentation.

More typical is the very clean sounding opener and debut single, "Good Little Girls," covering the same turf as Rascal Flatts, but on closer listen has little to do with country. Blue County is pleasant enough, but never forge their own identity or stand out from the crowd in the pop country field.