Porter Hall Tennessee

Welcome to Porter Hall Tennessee – 2002 (Slewfoot)

Reviewed by Scott Homewood

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By giving themselves a name that suggests a small, rural town rather than a burgeoning city, Porter Hall, TN is seemingly trying to give the impression of a backwoods, neighborly, homestyle feel they obviously hope is also represented in their music..

They've nailed it...The glorious classic country sounds pouring from this disc make one hope that if someone actually found this nirvana of a place they would never be stupid enough to leave. The town would obviously represent everything that is good about country music, from the omnipresent twang of Bakersfield to the country swing of Dallas. Let's not forget the supremely crafted songwriting that comes from Austin..

Porter Hall TN has all that and more and makes it all sound original and new again. Great guitar lines and appropriately heartfelt vocals propel this album and make this one of the most well-done debuts in quite a while..