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Randy Travis

Live – 2001 (Image)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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The tall and deep-voiced Randy Travis has never been noted for his charisma. He's received no fame for a drunken concert demeanor, like No Show Jones has, nor has he relied upon the Olympic-like stage-crossing sprints Garth Brooks has perfected. Instead, his live shows - just like his recordings - are all about The Voice. It's Travis' voice that has allowed him to age gracefully in a business where hunky physiques and youthful faces are oftentimes career necessities.

This is why Travis can perform the soulful "It's Just A Matter Of Time" as a vocal showcase, as he does here. He's equally adept at barroom brags such as "Better Class Of Losers," as he is with sad laments like "I Told You So." In addition to creating a career retrospective, Travis also finds room for "Shallow Water" and "Baptism" from his recent religious "Inspirational Journey" album.

Except for its six-song medley (a taste of a good song is worse than none at all) this album has most everything you might expect or want from a Travis greatest hits album. From the touching ode to his father "He Walked On Water," to the strong faith in the power of love expressed in "Deeper Than The Holler," this is Randy Travis at his best.