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Richard Bennett

A Long Lonesome Time – 1998 (Rebel)

Reviewed by Jonathan Colcord

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The second solo effort from Richard Bennett doesn't offer much new save several good originals. Compared frequently to Tony Rice, it's obvious where the comparison is based. Bennett sounds frighteningly similar. However he frequently comes up short vocally, sounding more like the Tony Rice of late who has now lost his voice entirely.

This is not at all to say this is bad. Bennett is a highly professional and polished player also in the Rice style and has filled those shoes with J.D. Crowe in days past. On the overdone Jimmie Skinner song "Doin' My Time," Bennett basically rehashed Rice's version. The finest moments are Bennett's original compositions "A Long Lonesome Time," and "Mother Above" where his vocals are more understated and moving. Also working well are Bill Monroe's "Mighty Dark To Travel," and instrumentals such as "How Great Thou Art," "Dixie Hoedown," or "Washington County Breakdown" where he sounds similar to Norman Blake. Not a bad effort, but not great either.