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Ronnie Dawson

Just Rockin' and Rollin' – 1996 (Upstart)

Reviewed by Chuck Hamilton

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You know you're onto something when you put on a new CD and start drumming with your fingers almost immediately. This album captures the spontaneous quality of rockabilly (and rock & roll in general) of the '50's, and why shouldn't it? Dawson was around back then and after doing folk, western swing, and playing drums on other people's hits, he's gone back to his roots.

At a young 57, the Dallas native shows no sign of slowing down. "Just Rockin'..", in 16 songs, pretty much covers the rock & roll sub-genres of that era, from the bluesy "You're Humbuggin' Me" to the country flavored "Mexico."

With "Veronica", Dawson nails the Buddy Holly sound in a way it hasn't been nailed since 1959, when the man himself was still alive. If you're a fan of '50s rock, make a place for this one in your collection.