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Ron Stewart

Time Stands Still – 2001 (Rounder)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Ron Stewart offers an instrumentalist's album. There are vocal tracks, some by Stewart, some by friends, but this is essentially an instrumentalist's dream.

Stewart is impeccable on every instrument he picks up, and that'everything but the dobro. On "Riding the Saranac," he plays every instrument and you'll never here anyone do better. "Black and Tan' is another self-penned number featuring his strong banjo work and also features some of his friends, no less than Dudley Connell, Sammy Shelor, Rob Ickes and others.

The vocals are good but not memorable. The best vocal track is "Gotta Travel On" featuring Wayne Taylor, but you won't keep plugging this back into the player for the singing. No, from "Blue Fiddler" to "Soldier'sJoy" you'll want to listen to these magical fingers on strings, true artistry captured forever.