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Sawyer Brown

Can You Hear Me Now – 2002 (Curb)

Reviewed by Tom Netherland

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When the first sentence in Sawyer Brown's current press release reads, "they've been called the Rolling Stones of country music, and really, that's no exaggeration," you know there's a problem. Call it ego, call it misinformation or just plain stupidity.

Whichever, SB's 18th album, "Can You Hear Me Now," just doesn't cut it. However you wish to view them, as a poor rock band or an even worse never-will-be country band, their latest 10 tunes strikes an awful stench. From the opening title track, a blatant and blissfully poor stab at a Stones-like sound, vocalist Mark Miller & Co. go nowhere fast. They exude cardboard ("Hard Hard World") and curdled milk ("Someone"), lob lyrically lame ballads ("Come Back Baby") and even a goopy gospel-ish "I Got A Plan."

Fueled on lyrical clichTs ("I see that river, and I see the shore") and this year's best example of bad lyrics ("Looking for an I, Oh I you girl, she's an I oh I, I'm looking for an I, she's an I, I got to have you...").

Sawyer Brown's latest smacks of a polecat promenade.