Tammy Graham

Tammy Graham – 1997 (Career/Arista)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

CDs by Tammy Graham

When Noah Webster was looking to define the word generic, the debut album by Tammy Graham was what he should have had in mind. The singer, who earned her spurs in Nevada, has good enough of a voice, a bit husky in the Wynonna/Trisha vein, but clearly not in the same ballpark.

Ultimately, the material fails her big time. Nothing much stands out among the 10 songs, although "Dancing' With Elvis" at least has some cute wordplay incorporating Elvis song titles into the lyrics. The bent is more towards midde of the road pop than country. Yeah, the disc has enough country inflections to keep it in the country category, but barely. There just isn't a lot of inspiration here (save perhaps for "Cool Water") and certainly no originality.

In an age where women are doing it in country, Graham's generic disc doesn't.