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Tim Carroll

Not For Sale – 2000 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Michael Berick

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Nashville-based Tim Carroll must've been excited when he went into the studio in late 1997 to cut his Sire Records debut, "Rock & Rock Band." A September 1998 release was chosen. But September 1998 came and went. So did September 1999, and no album. A frustrated Carroll eventually convinced Sire to let him self-release this record, now ironically entitled "Not For Sale," and lovers of bar-tested, country-bred rock 'n' roll are glad he did.

Starting off with the greasy guitar-based "The House Ruth Tore Down," Carroll energetically runs off a set of beer-soaked roots rock (highlights include "After The Hurricane," and the witty matrimonial tune "Good Rock From Bad"), slipping in some more country-accentuated numbers, like " When She Wants To Cry" and "In Memory's Arms", along the way. Perhaps there's a wonderful Nashville bar where Carroll plays with like-minded musicians - Tommy Womack, Phil Lee and Duane Jarvis, to name a few - who are just as influenced by Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones as by George Jones or Merle Haggard. Whether that place exists or not, this terrific album makes you think you've caught one of those magical musical nights in a small, smoky club.