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Tim McGraw

Greatest Hits – 2000 (Curb)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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The hits just keep on coming for Tim McGraw. He has 15 here (no new songs are included), which don't even represent all of his big sellers (number one "Not a Moment Too Soon" and "Refried Dreams" are among the absentees).

What is evident here is how much the Louisiana native has gone from a more country oriented approach to one geared more towards a pop country sound ("Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It") with a dose of rock thrown into the mix. The words generally don't cut very deep (well in the case of "Indian Outlaw," they did cut and a lot of people didn't really like the cut). That leaves you with the good time party feel of his faux-'50's sounding bouncy, sing-along anthem "I Like It, I Love It" and "Down on the Farm."

Of course, McGraw acquits himself well enough on ballads with wife Faith Hill, especially "It's Your Love," far better than "Let's Make Love," and one of the most country sounding songs on the disc, "Just to See You Smile." McGraw dishes out nothing that suggests a performer who will influence a generation. He came on the country scene at the right place at the right time - a good enough of a voice in the studio amidst a series of light country fare with a fan base thirsting for feel good music.