Tim Wilson - It's a Sorry World
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It's a Sorry World (Capitol, 1999)

Tim Wilson

Reviewed by Robert Loy

Anyone who's been fortunate enough to catch Tim Wilson live or find one of his small label recordings might find his major label debut a bit jarring. For one thing on the musical numbers, Wilson actually has musical accompaniment (and even back-up singers on tunes like "First Baptist Bar and Grill") which is a shock when you're used to just a guitar and Wilson's ragged baritone. It's incongruous compared with the non-musical comedy bits too, giving the album a sort of half-live, half-studio feel.

Moreover, Capitol decided to bleep out some of the zestier four-letter words. Wilson is not one of those guys whose every other word is profane; when he curses it's with reason, and it feels cowardly on Capitol's part to censor him. (And asterisking a song's title to "Chuck E. Cheese H*ll" is just plain ridiculous.)

Fortunately, Wilson's comedic gifts shine through these emasculating efforts. Of special interest to C&W fans is "Garth Brooks Ruined My Life" and the Pink Floyd-Floyd Cramer splicing "Acid Country." The other tracks will have particular resonance for anybody who's ever had a child or been inside a bank or lived through the 1990's.

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