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Tombstone Trailer Park

Earth Against Your Skin – 2000 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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Tim Buchanan is the insanely talented force behind Nashville+s Tombstone Trailerpark. He wrote all 18 tracks on the group+s fourth release.

Buchanan+s smart and reflective songs of which we are treated to more than 70 minutes worth are likely to leave the listener emotionally exhausted. Whether singing about the simple pleasures of life ("The Life Around") or the ATF siege on Waco ("How Can You Sleep Tonight"), Buchanan+s songs are honest and touching, his lazy drawl comforting. The album is largely spare and quiet, but never boring. Buchanan and bandmates Justin Janssen (drums) and Jose Lovato (bass) incorporated a wide and interesting slate of instruments into the mix, including everything from Tuvan throat singing and recorder flute to slit drum and washboard.

This is not likely to be a crowd pleaser; it+s perhaps best enjoyed alone, a simple and beautiful pleasure all of its own.