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Travis Tritt

My Honky Tonk History – 2004 (Columbia)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Travis Tritt is famous both for his hard-rocking tunes and his softer ballads, and he tries his hand at both (though more of the former than the latter) on his new CD, with mixed results.

The title track is an attempt to reassert Tritt's always dubious outlaw credentials, and it must be said that he doesn't do his case much good singing about bleeding Bud Light - do outlaws drink light beer? The first single, "The Girl's Gone Wild" is fun, and undoubtedly the best country song ever based on a series of soft-core porn videos. Tritt sounds good on "What Say You" the duet with John Mellencamp, although ironically this social commentary song doesn't have much to say.

On the softer side, "I See Me" is a tender meditation on fatherhood, and "We've Had it All" does a good job of celebrating the miracle of love that lasts. "Circus Leaving Town" has plenty of big top references (they even spill over into the next track "Monkey Around"), but not nearly as much heart as some of Tritt's earlier ballads.