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Trick Pony

Trick Pony – 2001 (Warner)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Similar to the Dixie Chicks, Trick Pony combines solid country rootswith more than a touch of rockabilly to create a spunky and humorouslyappealing mix.

In addition to the single "Pour Me," which is a play on both self-pity and strong drink, the trio also brings along Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings for Cash's"Big River" and returns to the heartbreak theme for "Party of One" and "OneIn A Row." Everybody in the group sings, but this horse sounds its most untamedwhen Heidi Newfield's female vocals lead the herd. In addition to getting roughand rowdy on "Pour Me," she is equally adept at singing ballads, as isproven with "Every Other Memory."

Give thanks to Trick Pony for kicking up a little dust in mainstreamcountry music's predictable stable.