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John and Audrey Wiggins

The Dream – 1997 (Mercury)

Reviewed by Jon Johnson

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One can't help but be a little disappointed with the second album from the brother/sister team of John and Audrey Wiggins. Their eponymous 1995 debut was a fine blend of classic sibling harmony, sharp songwriting, and sympathetic production that generally avoided the cavernous drums and thunderous guitars all too frequently heard today.

Despite favorable reviews and a little airplay, the album made little impact in the marketplace. The label's answer to the sales problem was turning up the dial marked "H.N.C." in the studio. Though the Wiggins's harmonies are as good as ever, they're too often let down by material that isn't quite up to the standards of the first album, not to mention generic H.N.C. production. What highlights there are include "Be Still My Heart" and "I Can Sleep When I'm Dead," featuring a fine John Wiggins lead vocal. Completely unnecessary, however, is a cover of Poco's 1978 hit, "Crazy Love." It's not bad so much as it's perhaps too obvious in its bid for airplay.

Make no mistake: this has its moments and the Wiggins's harmonies are always worth hearing, even on the weaker songs. This could have - and should have - been better.