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The Weary Boys

Jumpin' Jolie – 2006 (Weary)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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On their fifth album in six years, Austin's Weary Boys continue to have their possum and carve it too. The quintet manages to uphold the traditions of bluegrass and country while creating an exciting and very modern sound known to send audiences into wild fits of drinking and dancing.

Recorded at Southern Culture on the Skids frontman Rick Miller's North Carolina studio, this is a more laid back affair, but it is no less thrilling. Band members, who share songwriting duties, pen simple, memorable tunes like "You're the One I Care For" and "Destination Nowhere" that have staying power. You might not expect a song called "Drink On It" to be pretty, but it will have you swaying in no time. "Baby's Got a Hold On Me" uses a Chuck Berry riff and self-referencing lyrics by Mario Matteoli to entertaining effect. Cajun influences are incorporated on a number of songs, including "Lost Bayou Ramble" and a soulful, rocking version of Hank Williams' Jambalaya." (